Golden Goonz Website Re-Launches

Golden Goonz Entertainment have officially re-launched our flagship website.  We are excited to have the opportunity to continue delivering high-quality music and entertainment to our fans. Our brand new website features a store where we offer exclusive Golden Goonz music and merchandise.  Please feel free to comment on our blogs, discover our artists, listen to our music, watch our videos, or meet us at our events. We have an incredible lineup of albums available for download or purchase as well as new singles and albums on deck.  We'll be updating our site regularly so please check back frequently to stay up to date.


I love Golden Goonz!!! Keep up the good work!!

Official.. This site is loaded with goodies. GoldenGoonz!

Golden Goonz all day! I wanna thank everybody that's been supporting us since day 1. god bless good music lives here. #GOLDEN