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"The Mottz" - ZEPS & Count Bluntas

The Mottz - ZEPS & Count Bluntas

Happy 4/20!!! In celebration of this future national holiday, ZEPS & Count Bluntas are releasing the highly anticipated album "The Mottz." Two of Brooklyn's finest collaborate on this saucy mix of beats and rhymes creating a tasty bakers dozen song masterpiece reflecting the South Brooklyn neighborhood they grew up in, Sheepshead Bay.

ZEPS has entertained fans for years with incredible albums, international touring, live freestyles, and outgoing personality. Whether he's hosting a dance battle in Norway, on tour with DJ Brown 13 in Sweden, performing live in Manhattan, ZEPS continues to leave positive impressions on audiences worldwide. A few years ago, he formed a natural bond with Count Bluntas and they have been banging out tracks like the hotcakes ever since. Count Bluntas has become a staple in the independent scene with numerous production and engineering credits for Golden Goonz Entertainment.

"The Mottz" features some of the best original boom-bap classic hip hop flavor Brooklyn has to offer. From the first track "He Said Sheepshead," a fast paced, high energy rhyme-explosion to the finale, "Gotta Have Enough," a smooth soulful sensation featuring Traverse (from North Carolina), this album embodies the versatility and talent of ZEPS & Count Bluntas. Ultra talented featured artists making appearances include Frankie Fingaz, Rollacoasta Geez, Eddie Cooper, Dekstra Large, Yesh, Westbay, Sean Fitz (beat-box extraordinaire) and DJ True Justice.

What is "The Mottz". Is it apple sauce? Yes, but it is also what people in Brooklyn say as a synonym for the best. For instance, "hey bro, did you try that cherry jolly rancher, it's "The Mottz" or "yo, have you had the pizza at Grimaldis? it's "The Mottz bro!!". After you listen to "The Mottz," hopefully you be saying "hey bro, the Mottz, is the Mottz, now pass the apple sauce." "The Mottz" is ZEPS' fourth album release with Golden Goonz. ZEPS and Eturnal Suarez combined forces to create "The SPIX" Episode One & Episode Two.

"The Mottz" is available for purchase on all digital music outlets and streaming on Soundcloud


Featuring Eddie Cooper

Featuring Yesh & Frankie Fingaz

Featuring Eddie Cooper

Featuring DJ True Justice

Featuring Dekstra Large

Featuring Frankie Fingaz & Westbay

Featuring Eddie Cooper & DJ True Justice

Featuring Rollacoasta Geez


Featuring Sean Fitz


Featuring Traverse

Link w/ ZEPS:

Featured artists info:
Eddie Cooper:
Broadway World
Eddie Cooper is thrilled to be joining the cast of Little Shop of Horrors. Recent: ABC’s Forever, recurring on Cinemax's Banshee as Fat Au and the soon to be released HBO series Crime. Raised in Hell’s Kitchen, Eddie is a proud graduate of LaGuardia High School for the Performing Arts and holds a BFA from Ithaca College. @MrEddieCooper

DJ True Justice:
Guirilla Funk
True Justice, aka The Man of Steel, has been a pioneer in the Bay Area Hip Hop scene since 1989. In an era where real deejaying skills have become scare, True Justice holds the torch, and is known for tearing clubs down in every city and every town. No stranger to hustle and showmanship, he comes from the era of constantly packing the vinyl crates and being out on the road!

True's ambition is to showcase the amount of talent that he has amassed in the last 17 years in Northern California, better known as The Yay Area. While still in high school, True Justice was a hip hop dancer for the Oakland, CA super-group A.P.G. (Action Packed Gangstas), and at the age of 16, he found himself doing concerts with the likes of Digital Underground, Capital Tax, Paris and K-Cloud -- while witnessing first hand the birth of the independent hip hop game in the culturally rich Bay Area.

From 1989-91, True studied A.P.G.'s master DJ J-Cutt as he amazed crowds night after night with his show-stealing solo routines with two turntables, a mixer, and two copies of the same record. When he arrived in Berkeley in 1992, True Justice (then known as DJ Skillz), traded his patent leather shoes for two Technic turntables and a Gemini mixer. For years you could see True selling cassette tapes on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, CA alongside favorites of today: Living Legends, Saafir, and the Hobo Junction.

In 1996, True formed the All Purpose DJs with Lord Takim, DJ Styles, and DJ Lex. That same year he began a career of show deejaying, first with Dream Nefra, and then later with Mic T, AceyAlone & Abstract Rude, Aesop and Planet Asia. He is currently Guerrilla Funk's resident DJ, handling tour duties with Paris and T-K.A.S.H. He also works with Enzyme Dynamite of The Bayliens. As a duo True Justice and DJ Lex released Volume 1 in 1997, Aural Sex Volume 2 in 1998, AP2K in 2000, and Pound Fa Pound in 2004. All releases quickly became local classics. The All Purpose DJs have excited crowds with icons such as Slick Rick, Biz Markie, Notorious B.I.G., Xzibit, Phife, Keak Da Sneak, Above The Law, and E-40.

In 2001, True and Lex toured in Osaka, Japan, garnering legions of fans of their dexterity on the wheels of steel. A bonafide student of showmanship, True continued to hone his craft, and in 2007, True Justice dropped his self-titled debut album and joined forces with The Bayliens -- "Aliens from The Bay" -- and dropped the CD Crop Circles in the same year.

From 2007 to 2011, True Justice toured worldwide with The Bayliens, Living Legends, Mistah F.A.B., Zion I, Paris, The Alkaholiks, Jeru The Damaja, Lords Of The Underground, The Beatnuts, Onyx, Redman and EPMD. Now, in 2015, he is poised to release his sophomore effort, The Man of Steel, on Guerrilla Funk, with production assistance by Paris and featuring Planet Asia and The Bayliens.

Dekstra Large:
Very Talented Norwegian underground artist, representing Nordland. He is Currently located in Trondheim, working at Koncept. He raps, makes beats and scratch. He's a member of the funk influenced HipHop band Neptune Surf Club, Based in Sandnessjøen, Norway.

Yeshua DapoED and Siah released their 1996 debut vinyl-only album The Visualz EP on Bobbito Garcia's record label Fondle 'Em Records. The EP featured rapping from the group's two MCs, production from Jon Adler, and a guest appearance by Ken Bugaloo. Yeshua DaPoed, now known as Yesh, releases a solo LP titled Into Fresh Things in 2002, and a co-member of the classic hip hop Brooklyn group "Wee Bee Foolish".

"The Best of Both Worlds, Pt.2 (The Saga Continues)" - F-DUB & Negatibo

Best of Both Worlds II Front Cover

Golden Goonz Entertainment is proud to announce the official release of "The Best of Both Worlds, Pt.2 (The Saga Continues)" album starring F-DUB & Negatibo. This dynamic duo tears up some sick beats with a hardcore lyrical assault. "B.O.B.W.,Pt. 2" the title track has crazy energy as featured in the video (link below). "Assasinators" features Jae Duece from the Third World Council, Cartwise is featured on "Unstoppable", "Winning" features Maria Herrera & Heaty Tha Bomb, Count Bluntas is featured on "Whats the Deal", and "Almighty" featured Nigz. This official studio release further strengthens the bond Golden Goonz has formed with the Filipino music community thanks to F-DUB continued promotion and touring abroad.


Special Thanks to all the incredible people that made this possible especially the producers; Cursebox, 13thbeatz, Count Bluntas, Alas ng Beats, CT Beats, Eazybeatz. Thanks to Konektado, Tuesday Troop.


Best of Both Worlds Pt. 1 came about when F-DUB was on tour in the Philippines met Negatibo. The mutual respect they had for each other as artists led to them joining forces and creating the mixtape "Best of Both Worlds Pt.1," which is out now on


Thanks to all our fans for your continued support, we truly appreciate you and hope this and all our releases bring some joy into your lives.


The audio is available digitally everywhere, including iTunes.

"B.O.B.W.,Pt. 2" Official Video  

Best Of Both Worlds part 2 behind the scenes 


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Press Kit





Negatibo Links:

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Batang Rebelde vs Negatibo

Negatibo vs Caliber

"All Hail Dama" - Dama Nilz

Produced by 4Dolo Productions, this incredible track now has a gorgeous video to match. Watch it here


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