"Manila To New York" Official Video Drops September 30th

Negatibo & F-DUB are back again bringing you the "Best of Both Worlds 2."

The official music video for "Manila to New York" directed by Ranier Bien "Dzhire Uno" Tajan is dropping on September 30th, 2015.

Produced by "13th Beatz Exclusive" & arranged by Kierzkie Ferrer.

GIK Acoustics & LED's

GnG Studio's recently installed GIK Acoustics traps that drastically enhanced the acoustic environment in our control room. Thanks to Tom Stevens at GIK for his invaluable assistance and optimally configuring the placement based on our studio.

The GIK products we selected included 7 Soffit's, 8 Monster's, and 2 Freestanding Bass Traps. The bass response in the...

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